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Below is a list of Real-Life reports from people who have used the Oxy Hydrogen Fuel Generator

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Please note they have not been edited in anyway to provide real proof of customer experience and not our interpretation of it.

My name is Cesar Urrutia and I live in San Diego, California. At first I was having second thoughts about installing this oxy-hydrogen unit in my fairly new Honda Civic. The emissions laws are very strict in my state and I didn't want to get in trouble with the DMV gestapo.

So I had a professional electrician custom fabricate a mounting bracket for the oxy-hydrogen unit, relocate the auto-cruise unit (because of the limited space) and wire a nice stock-looking on/off switch on my center console. All of this to keep it from looking too conspicuous. I also installed an aftermarket cold air intake for performance reasons and to free up more space in the engine bay. It looks pretty nice since it is stainless steel and the unit feeds directly into a vacuum inlet to the manifold.

I was getting good gas mileage before. I always topped off the tank and averaged anywhere between 31 and 33 miles per gallon. To get a more accurate reading with the oxy-hydrogen unit I started filling up very slowly at the pump and at around 6:30 in the morning. Once the valve stopped, that was it. No overfilling the tank. On my first tank I got 31.7mpg. On my second tank I got 35.3 and on my last one I got 38.1mpg. Later on, what I noticed the most was the increase of power at the low end of the rev curve. Before the installation, I wouldn't see any real push before 4000rpm. Now, I feel the torque straight from idle.

I haven't kept track of the miles but with this increase of throttle response, it has kept me from having to slam the pedal to the floor. I visit the pump a lot less now and I'm really happy that I don't worry much about gas prices hurting my weekend road trips.

I own a 1997 Buick Custom and it averaged 19 miles to the gallon around town and since I installed the Hydro-gen I am averaging 30 miles to the gal. The performance is a very smooth ride and quite engine. I am very satisfied with the Hydro-gen and hope to get one put on my 1997 Chevy Silverado.

Having worked with oxygen generaters in the U.S. Submarine force, I had a fairly good idea what you had manufactured. I had two immediate problems with my new HHO GENERATOR. First, I wanted it to work in all four of me vehicles, so I had to design a portability factor into it before using it. Secondly, I did not want the HHO generator setting in any vehicle durring the cold months of winter. Making the unit portable solved both problems.

I am retired, and do not drive as much as I used to, so my progress statistics are somewhat incomplete at this time, but I am receiving increased mileage. My 1979 F-250 Ford, with a 400cid engine has increased about 15 percent. I expect greater savings with my 1997 Ford Escort, as it has a two-liter engine.

I do not expect my savings to be as great as most users, as I live in a small town and most of my driving is at sixty miles per hour enroute to shopping in the larger city, twenty miles away. I have deducted, so far, that the lower the constant speed of the engine, the greater the savings are, since my HHO generator is a 'single speed, constant output' unit; thus the lower the engine speed, the better the ratio of HHO to volume of air entering the engine.

This is a long winded way of saying that I cannot, at this time, extol the true benefit I have received. I will, however, inform you in greater detail, once I am able to obtain more concrete numbers.

So far, I can say that I am very pleased, and expect to be more pleased. I am, however, concerned that the unit may (underline 'may') suffer damage should the water freeze solid when setting idle, in a perminant installation.

Respectfully submitted
Arley W. Steinhour

Installed this product on my 2002 Jeep Wrangler. Before the install the MPG was about 18. After installing this product and driving it around for a tank my Milage increased to over 22 MPG or an increase of almost 25%.

Construction is simple and durable. Assebly is simple. Anyone who can install a car radio can install this product.

After the simple install I felt the power of Oxy-Hydrogen right away. My 1991 Subaru legacy has 200+K miles on it. I saw an in crease of milage right away. I gainied an extra 30+ miles to the tank. This translate to about three dollars in return for every fill up of twelve gallons which is averagely foutry dollars in Seattle Washington. I am pleased to have such a technology available.

i have installed the Oxy-Hyrogen on my wife's car, that is a 1999 buick park ave with a 3800 V6, automatic. after getting it set up, the first thing i noticed is the increse of power.the car was running about 27 city and 38 highway. now it is running 33 city and 48 highway with the air conditioner on.that is more than i expected,i 'am going to perchuss one for every car,truck and my tractor.

Hello John at Save Fuel
This is my experience with the oxy-hydrogen I got the unit for Christmas last year and installed it (piece of cake). I drive a Grand Marquie fuel injected 1999. The engine runs so much smoother,even when it was brand new. I guess i get between 10 and 15% more horse power and when im on the freeway i only have to push the gas peddle in about 1/4 of an inch to go 70 miles an hour. I only have to add 3/4 quart of water when i fuel up. NOW HOLD ON TO YOUR CHAIR. I WENT FROM 29 MILES A GALLON TO 51 MILES A GALLON. That's a savings of 50%! I run the unit at 10 amps. I dont need to recommend this product to you. The save fuel people are a pleasure to work with.

Thank you so much. I want to be a dealer for them.

David Wall
Edmonton, Ontario

Hi, I have Buick, 6 cylinder. I went from 27 miles to a gallon to 37 miles to a gallon.
Good work you guys do there.
Lenny Wilbur
Wentworth NC

I've been studying the subject mostly through websites so look forward to your course. I've talked to a lot of people but there are 'a lot minus one' skeptics out there. I'm getting good results with the original oxy-hydrogen on the car. It's averaging 22% and the performance when towing a trailer seems better than without (a year ago).

Nick Bird

hi my name is alvin, i love the idea of saving money at the pump. hydro-gen is a great company that knows what they are doing.

I would like to say that the Oxy-Hydrogen is an awesome addition to any vehicle! It is easy to install and maintain. I live in the mountains of West Virginia and have noticed with stop and go driving around a 13% increase in fuel savings so far and can just imagine what the savings would be on the highway or flat land! I have also noticed that my engine runs cooler since I installed the Oxy-Hydrogen. I would really like to open an East Coast Distribution for these!!!

Test engine------1972 chevrolet OHV 4 cyl. single throat carter carburator natural asperation. Cubic inch 153. Engine has approx. 100,000 miles on it and is OEM. Engine oil is 15/50 Delvac by Mobil. Gasoline used thru out testing is Phillips 66 86 0ctane. Batch lot on gasoline will stay the same thru out testing. An electric fuel pump with pressure regulator transfers gasoline from a measured one liter container to the carburator which has no air cleaner and the hood is left open during testing. Geographic elevation is 7300' above sea level. Testing was done on days when humidity was 10%. This engine has no electronic controls or sensors. This is a comparison analysis effort to record engine performance before the installation of the Oxy-Hydrogen unit and then again after installation. The electrolyte is batch mixed and blended to draw 20 amperes energy . The caustic is KOH. Water used was carbon filtered and magnetically softened. PH is 7.2..before blending. There is no chlorine to contend with as a deep well provides water for this procedure. The engine is well tuned and set to idle at 1500 RPM as measured with the use of an electronic tachometer. Coolant temperature will remain at a constant 180 degrees F..Ambient temperature was 50 degrees constant. Sun light was not allowed so as to not be an issue. The engine was allowed ten minutes warm up before switching to the measured one liter fuel bottle. At the moment of switching an electronic elapsed time unit is energized. Simple results are as follows; Timer 0 1 liter full Oxy-Hydrogen amp draw 21 amps. End test Timer 1140 sec. One liter fuel source M/T. Tachometer 1940 RPM.Oxy-Hydrogen off gas was introduced with a tube inserted 2 inches into top of carburator. Refilled the one liter fuel bottle and repeated run without Oxy-Hydrogen unit. Engine stabilized at 1510 RPM. Fuel expired at 945 sec. In summary,we had an 800 rpm gain along with 195 seconds of running time. Using these basic test figures and apply them to the various tire and wheel sizes and gear ratios used today, I think the MPG is conservately 25 to 30 percent. We have various sizes of the Oxy-Hydrogen unit to test yet on both diesel and gasoline engines ranging in size from 30 Ci to 1150 Ci. Stay tuned for more test results. This is truly the poor boys fuel cell.

I have a 2001 Jeep with a V8, I was getting 12 or so MPG, after installing the hydro generator it went up to 19 mpg on my first run. I live 35 miles north of nyc and the car ran with no effort up hills. Its a great concept I hope the auto makers start using the idea in there new cars it will save in the long run !

This is great! Easy to install. It gives you more power and better gas mileage,which is wonderful at the gas price now in effect. The best part is that it is non-polluting!

The Oxy-Hydrogen does work. I had a problem with my first one and he replaced it with no problem and its been working ever since. I gain gas milage and it works

I installed the Oxy-Hydrogen on my 1977 Itaska Motorhome.Before installation, it got 8 Mpg loaded. Now with the Oxy-Hydrogen it gets 13 Mpg. It has a Chev 350 eng. I am using Potassium Hydroxide for the caustic and also installed a high output alternator in order to run 2 electrodes.

I originally purchased the Hydro Gen with a lean on skeptical but the little gizmo actually does make a gas that burns along with the traditional fuel. My test was on a Chevy Truck K1500 1990 then remove it and run it on a small home generator. My next test will be to install it on my boat. On the Chevy my mileage did improve along with performance, the down side is the need to monitor the mix and volume of mix. On the home generator I normally burn about 3 gallons an hour with the Hydro Gen that was cut down over a gallon, about 1.75 an hour.


Great product and worth its weight in gold! With the gas prices now days everyone needs one of these devices to keep up with inflation. A 4 mpg gain is not to be passed by if you don't like what the oil companies are doing to all of us. Recommended to all and can be combined with other products to even increase mileage even more. Too bad the whole engine can't run on one of these units.

NOTE FOR SAVE FUEL.CA Ramon F Olmedo writes: I just order my 1st unit, and this my plan. As part of every year thousand of emigrants that came to work in Northern California in Napa valley will make a journeys back in December to Guadalajara, Jalisco MX. And will drive their cars for 2,844 miles, 36 hours drive time on the pacific border freeways beetuing USA and Mexico. We spend about 8 to tanks of gasoline, about $ 460.00 USD. THE PLAN: Will install the unit. Will be using a 1986 Nissan truck, 2.4 l, 4 Cylinders. Z245 4WD. Manual trans. 16.5 gallons tank, that gets 310 miles per tank on the freeway. The truck will get camper shell full load driver and co-pilot and will be to extreme conditions in desert, cold and hot mid days, on the Mexican pacific coast. We expect to get great results on the cost of fuel. Ramon F Olmedo. Here are the results: January 19 2006, travel to GDL initiated, first tank from Napa to Bakersfield 352 ml per tank plus reserve 1.5 gal. Second tank to Indio Valley 290 ml. 1/8 tank left. Fill 3rd tank in Phoenix, 366 ml. for full tank. Consider terrain clime and altitude changing it was getting a good mileage. At this time I ad 2 liters of water to unit. Across the border all rest of the way of flat freeways until Mazatlan Sinaloa average was 368 miles per tank of 15 gal. Pass Mazatlan the road on hills and hot flats consume more fuel were 2 tanks on an average of 300 ml. In Guadalajara the final tank the engine turn the normal idle at the ideal altitude for the vehicle. Over all on the normal daily use it gets 360 miles around Guadalajara per tank Vs. 290 around San Francisco Bay Area.

Depending on certain variable conditions, the Oxy-Hydrogen improved my Hwy mileage by from 1-4 mpg.

Dear Oxy-Hydrogen, As an Engineer, your product is well designed, ingeniously constructed, and immensely viable. The future market for automotive electrolyzers is astounding. I am anxious to see how this new INDUSTRY evolves in the near future. Every single inventor, and automotive electrolyzer will be viable in this slowly evolving market. Best Regards, Noah Seidman

I use a hydro gen on a 2005 Nissan Titan. I went from 16MPG around town to 18MPG. The truck comes with 305 HP but with the hydro gen you can feel that it's got more pep.

Overall the Oxy-Hydrogen is a amazing device that works great. I have gotten more miles to a gallon out of my GTA Transam. I used to fill up every 2 days now while driving the same miles I fill up alot less. I actually can even see better acceleration to.

My name is Carlton and I live in Plano, Texas. I have been using the Hydro-gen for about 4 months and have been amazed by the results. I drive a 8 cylinder Toyota Tundra for only short trips around town so you can imagine how much gas it can use. before installation of the Hydro-gen I was filling up every 3 weeks and now I fill up every 4 weeks. The unit is easy to install (if you can hook up a stereo, you can do this) and maintain. I look forward to my next road trip to see how my highway milage changes. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself and see how good it is.

Delaney Carlson Kalispell, MT I have the original hydro-gen installed on a 2004 Ford F-150 with the small V-8. Immediately I noticed 5-8 MPG improvement. I have experimented with it switched on and off on various tanks of gas and in various conditions and the results seem consistant. It is definitely worth the money spent and is easy to install.

I have installed this unit on my 2000 Ford F-150 I used to get 12.5 to 15.5 mpg no matter how I drove now I am getting a consistant 15.5 normal driving 17.5 hwy. Bottom line this unit does work.